On the 8 w/ Nae: Suave x Prospek “Day 2 Day Soul” EP

Artist Review: Suave x Prospek

Suave x Prospek "Day 2 Day Soul" EP cover art

Day to Day Soul EP

Suave kicks off his EP, “Day to Day Soul” with an intro promising that indie is the new major & that soul music will be the subject matter of exploration.  Right off the bat he’s got my attention.  He glides into entertaining the listeners ears with his mellow voice that seems to be mixed somewhere between a new age Kindred soul singer Fatin Dantzler and the classic voice of Barry White.  His message appears to be that of consciousness and bettering oneself by understanding the importance of being a positive presence in today’s society from a black male point of view.  This ideal is clearly exhibited on the track “March On” which sounds like it could easily have been a soundtrack piece to the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, music with a message holds my attention.  

Suave easily makes transitions using his speaking voice on the EP as well, something that is rarely seen in this day and age of music but that should be greatly appreciated.  He appears to take his craft to the depths as you recognize the use of live instrumentation on the tracks as well.  What I identify as Whurlitzer piano, acoustic guitars, and live drums make the tracks “Above Ecstasy” and “This Can’t Work” stand out in the collection Suave has put together on this EP.  He definitely brings the inspirational soul effect to his music so I suggest you keep an ear out for this artist and definitely download this project.

For More Suave:

“DAY 2 DAY Soul” EP








2 responses

  1. Errol Smith

    Trust me this dude is the truth…been grinding since high school back in NO…y’all look out for my boy it’s his year

    February 28, 2013 at 1:41 am

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